"Poetry doesn't have to ryhme, it just has to touch someone where your hands couldn't"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rhymes for mending heart

Just today.
mending hearts.

Liar, liar
lips on fire
threw this bag of bones
of you love me

of you miss me
of you'll never leave me
of a heart that used to
melt to stones

stones stones can't go away
bad dreams are here to stay too
bring me back those happy days
the days before I met you.

Now just a piece of you left.

when you left me today two two,
for another love of your life,

did you kill a part of yourself
and leave it behind?

Did you leave it in gutters?
Did you lock away in a mental freezer?
Did you slaughter it?
Ditching the body in a remote field,
Did you let it rot when when only once ago
I am the only reason you are breathing?

If you did all those things
then please tell me where it is now!
so that I may retrieve the decaying corpse
and give it a respectful burial
and wave it a decent goodbye

just like how we planned it should be
before everything were torn asunder.

I want my days back before met you,
before sacrificed all things, all part of mine to you,
because you are not resposible and hang in for a while at all,
you just take it easy as you buy another sandal to wear, 
and put a fungi in my heart.

Now two two,
I want to bury all things under my earth so that I will always stand up
after all shitty things you had done to my life.

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